Hickory Creek Winery has a humble, yet storied past in the Southwest Michigan winery community. Founded by a partnership of grape farmers in 2006, it started simply as an outlet for wines produced from the estate. The founders built a livery barn to house winemaking operations and a small winemaker's quarters. Soon, Hickory Creek had a local following and reputation for producing classic European-style wines with vitis vinifera fruit.  

The boutique winery was part of a small movement of winemakers in the community who started making dry to off-dry wines, focusing in on quality over quantity and featuring the world-class fruit our region was producing.  As American wine palates matured and the public became more educated about wine quality, Hickory Creek continued its work to change the perception of the Southwest Michigan wine region.

In September 2017, Adam McBride, a West Michigan native, purchased the winery. He continues the tradition of hand-crafting world European-style wines from out Lake Michigan Shore AVA (American Viticulture Area).